About Rasync Music

Rasync, founder and owner of Rasync Music, has been in love with music since he first touched the guitar at the age of 15. After this he started to play in rock bands before falling in love with producing, recording, mixing and mastering. 

A rocker by heart, with a love for rap, pop and electronic music: that pretty much sums up Rasync. His guitar is the thread through all music he creates. It makes him a producer who not only understands the process of mixing and mastering, but who also knows instruments (guitar, bass, piano and vocals) and music in its core. It is this aspect, that he always tries to incorporate in his music: live elements which create his distinct musical style.

The endless possibilities of combining electronic sounds with real instruments is what keeps Rasync locked up in his studio for hours on end. Through his own studies, such as an education in mixing and mastering, guitar, but also vocal lessons, he is able to coach other artists and help them to improve the quality of their songs. He has a thorough understanding of this, since Rasync also uses his own beats to create his own songs. It is this, according to Rasync, what he was missing in the music industry: an artist focused platform, which focuses on the artist instead of just making sales. And thus, Rasync Music was created.